The Resiliency of Working Parents During the Pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic, working parents across the country have stepped up to take on extra family responsibilities while still keeping up with their jobs. More often than not, the herculean task of being a teacher, babysitter, cook, household manager, and full-time employee falls on Mothers. We see the colossal responsibility our Home Captain working Moms are carrying and believe they deserve recognition.

Juggling it All: Working, Teaching, and Entertaining Kids

When the virus forced schools to close, many families suddenly needed to find a way to either work from home to care for children or bear the added expense of child care.

Kim with her children, Diem and Brooke.

Kim Mellick, who does Human Resources for Home Captain, admits it can be challenging at times. “Imagine sitting at your desk, working, concentrating… And every few minutes, it’s, ‘Mom, I need help,’ and you have to drop everything you’re doing to solve the problem. But you know, I’m so grateful for the time I have with my children.”

As you’d expect, the demands of juggling everything can lead even the best Mothers to question their abilities. “There are days when I worry that I’m failing as a parent,” Melina Yanagi, Home Captain’s Realtor Success Manager, said.

“Ensuring assignments are complete, lunch is made, baths are had, laundry is done, the refrigerator is ‘topped’ off, and all items of ‘danger’ out of the littles grabbing range are just a few of the things I worry about. Yet somehow, it all gets done, and we are happy and healthy.”

While it might be easy to assume parents with older children have it easier, that’s probably not the case. Stacy Griffith, sales team lead for Home Captain explained, “I have a 17-year-old at home, and I still have challenges. They’re just different. Teenagers have countless activities to go to, and they are used to running and socializing all the time. They always have something they need to do. So keeping my teen at home can be tough.”

Stacy with her son, Frankie, and daughter, Eden.

Positivity in Tough Times

Despite the challenges, our Moms find ways to see the bright side. “Being a working mom is one of the toughest but most rewarding jobs,” Melanie Czokoly, our Sales Team Lead, shared.

“While most days feel never-ending, I get to set an example for my daughter for what it’s like to be independent and work towards goals- both professional and personal. I hope she remembers me as a working mom and finds inspiration in it when she is older.”

Our Client Success Manager, Jana Bonura, embraces the opportunity for growth. “In these times where my roles as employee, wife, and mom blur together, I focus on the present and stay patient with myself,” she shared. “When it comes down to it, I have three roles: employee, wife, mother. I recognize that on most days, I can only be great at two out of three, and that’s okay,” Jana added. “It’s important to reframe your mindset. You don’t have to be perfect 100% of the time, and it helps to see these trying times as an opportunity for growth.”

Alexis Conners, a Realtor Success Specialist, agrees that the challenges have led to personal and professional growth. Alexis explained, “Working at home with my children during this pandemic has allowed me to become much more patient and even more of a multitasker. It’s built my character in the sense that I now have more things to balance at once, and it’s taught me that I’m capable of more than I think.”

“These tough times will pass,” Stacy Griffith added. “And we’ll look back and see that we have some amazing memories of things we did while we were all together as a family.”

Alexis and her children, Halo and Royal.

The Impact on the Labor Market

Despite excellent attitudes and abilities, this stress on working mothers is proving to be too much at times. Most of our Home Captain team works remotely, which makes caring for children while working a little easier. Yet many working Mothers haven’t had that flexibility, and the burden of trying to juggle everything is taking its toll. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of working Mothers have had to leave their jobs to manage family responsibilities.

Between August and September of this year alone, 865,000 women left the workforce.

Studies show that over two million women are actively thinking about leaving their jobs, which is unprecedented. Labor markets were tight before the pandemic, and a seismic shift like this would have serious consequences. Beyond the strain this could put on businesses, a change like this will drive socio-economic impacts that could last for generations.

Melina with her four littles: Madison, Aspen, Mason, and Aiden.

How You Can Help

We asked our working Moms about how we can help, and their answers were insightful. We think they can assist other business leaders in supporting their working parents during this challenging time.

Be Understanding: with kids at home, there’s probably going to be noise in the background. Working parents might need to go off-camera during a video call to soothe an upset child or troubleshoot school-related tech challenges.

Melanie and her daughter, Giuliana.

“Sometimes, I take longer to respond to an email, not because I can’t type or am at a loss for words, but because I’m trying to manage so many other things,” Melina Yanagi told us. “Thankfully, my Home Captain family has been completely supportive and understanding.”

Be Compassionate: working Moms are trying to do their best for their employer, colleagues, and family. But it’s tough. “We are likely harder on ourselves when we aren’t 100% perfect or can’t carry the same workload,” Jana Bonura explained. “So even if you say nothing about a missed task, we know and feel bad about it.”

Be Flexible: working parents may have difficulty adhering to the same work schedule they had before the pandemic. But they will still get the job done. When possible, try to be flexible.

“What has helped me through all this is flexibility. I’m not talking about taking whole days off, but rather, varying my start time a bit,” Kim Mellick shared. “Before COVID, I was in the office early. Now, half of the time, I’m bringing my daughter with me, and we are doing her first school zoom call in the car on the way.”

Jana and her little one, Kevin.

At Home Captain, we are grateful for our working Moms. They are strong, resilient, and bring endless talent and passion to our team. We couldn’t do what we do without them. By supporting them through this tough time, we’ll be able to keep them healthy and happy, which is what’s most important to us.

About Home Captain

Home Captain is a financial technology company that provides banks, lenders, and mortgage service companies the systems and expertise needed to improve customer experience during purchasing, selling, or refinancing a home. Through better customer experiences made possible by end-to-end support, Home Captain increases lender conversion rates, customer recapture, and loan officer capacity.

Home Captain is a proud employer of military veterans and spouses, a group that often faces diminished career opportunities.

CEO and founder of Home Captain, a fintech company that provides banks, lenders, and mortgage servicers the systems and expertise needed to be successful.

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